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Masjidur Rahmah Service Hours are as following:
Dawn (Fajr) prayer: The Masjid is open 20 minutes before salatul Fajr and close after Ishraq.

Masjid is reopen 30 minutes before salatul Dhuhr (noon) prayer and close 30 minutes after salatul I'sha throughout the weekdays as well as weekends.

Note: To view the current Salah's timings for Masjidur Rahmah and major Masajid of GTA, please feel free to download the following link:

Masjid Address:

328 Parliament Street
Toronto, ON
M5A 2Z7


Management-Related Queries: Please contact brother Burhan Uddin or Syed Sadikur Rahmah at

Imams' Contact Information: Please contact brother Younes Kabli, Moulana Waliullah Chisty or Mohammed Abdul Latif at

Madressah-Related Queries: Please contact Moulana Khalil Ahmed, Moulana Misbah Uddin Moulana Waliullah Chisty or Mohammed Abdul Latif at

Maintenance-Related Queries: Please contact brother Jakir Ahmed Mizan or Mizanur Rahman at