About Us

Established in December 2011, Masjidur Rahmah in a span of three decades has become one of the leading Islamic Centers in North America.

Masjidur Rahmah is a masjid in the heart of downtown Toronto in Regent Park, serving a large and diverse Muslim community. Its unique location near universities, downtown businesses makes it a sanctuary for Muslim students, professionals, and travelers alike. Today, Alhamdulillah by the mercy of Allah (swa) and great scarifies and the concern of our beloved prophet (saw), hundreds of brothers and sisters each week make use of Masjidur Rahmah to perform the five daily prayers and the congregational Friday prayer. The masjid also hosts madrassah called Madrassah-tut-Tarbiyah supporting Full time Hifz class, evening classes as well as weekend classes. Masjid also hosts community events in weekly, monthly and yearly program for both youth and adults.

A source of guidance and knowledge, it is a center catering to the needs of Muslims in the Greater Toronto Area, helping the Muslims fulfill their Islamic obligations and spiritual needs as well as to promote Islam within and outside of the community through an exemplary applied model in accordance with the original teaching of the holy Quran and Sunnah of beloved prophet (saw).

The Vision

To establish a permanent Islamic presence in downtown Toronto Regent Park with a masjid and facilities to meet the religious, social and intellectual needs of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


Masjidur Rahmah, became a masjid in January 2011. Prior to that date, the building was both commercial and residential place.

This is all thanks to the Grace of the Almighty Allah (swa) and the kind efforts of our present members of CTIF who made so many sacrifices for our welfare. May Allah accept their efforts and blesses them as well as their family members with His special mercy in both lives, Ameen.